Introduction to Beavers

100th Elvetham Heath group funday - 16 October 2010

Beaver Scouts are the youngest section of the Scouting family. Their activities are based around making things, outdoor activities, singing, playing games, going out on visits, investigating nature, listening to stories, learning how to be safe and most importantly, making new friends, along with plenty of other outdoor activities.

They will also have the opportunity to take part in the fun and excitement of camps and sleepovers. It may be the first time they spend a night away from home ever so it’s a real adventure for them.


Beavers are usually aged between six and eight years old, though they can be as young as five and three quarters.


A group of Beaver Scouts is called a Colony, and each Colony can be split up into smaller groups called Lodges.

Beavers have a Promise and Motto, but there is not a Beaver Scout Law. The concepts of the Scout Law will be presented to Beavers through games, storytelling.


Children join a Beaver Scout Colony for many reasons. It might be they have heard great things from their friends about all the things our Colony gets up to every week. Perhaps parents or carers are keen for them to join.

Earlier entry is at the Beaver Scout Leader’s discretion (for example, to allow someone a little bit younger to join at the same time as their friends).


Beaver Scouts wear a turquoise sweatshirt with our Group scarf (called a necker) and a maroon woggle or one of another colour which identifies their Lodge or team.

Our very active Beaver colony meets on Tuesdays 6:15 pm until 7:15 pm.

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