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Woodland Trust Launch 2006

One of the main aims of Lightcliffe Scout Group is to support the development of our young people within the local area of Lightcliffe  to their full potential; socially, spiritually, physically and intellectually. The Group seek to ensure that each young person matures as an individual and a member of the local community.

The Group does this by ensuring our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts;

● Enjoy what they are doing
● Learn by doing;
● Participate in a varied and progressive programme;
● Are able to make their own choices;
● Take responsibility for their own actions;
● Take increasing responsibility for others both within the Group and outside of it;
● Take part in as many outdoor activities as possible;
● Share in prayer and worship;
● Ensure they make and live out their Promise.

When a young member joins our Group, they will become not only part of a section but also part of a Group through taking part in the weekly programme, time away camping and various trips out. We hope that their experiences will make them start to think differently.

We hope that they will learn to think of others, learn that by taking part they will become more confident young people, and they will learn to take responsibility for themselves.

No matter what, each member will make new friends, be able to try new things and most importantly have fun!
Brian Reeves GSL


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